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Generate Leads

Increase Pipeline Velocity.
Scale Faster.

Generate Leads

Increase Pipeline Velocity.
Scale Faster.

Generate Leads

Increase Pipeline Velocity.
Scale Faster.

Integrating digital marketing and state of the art inside sales to provide unparalleled sales results year after year.

Introducing Sales Tech Solutions

Sales Tech Solutions helps organizations grow their sales with pace and purpose. We hire and lead results-oriented “sales as a service” business development teams and support them with exceptional lead generation marketing – using our proprietary territory management methodology to generate leads, build pipelines and increase sales for our clients. Partner with us and get a fully built sales and marketing engine.

Why We Move Faster

Specialized Expertise
Specialization leads to greater effectiveness in each stage of the sales cycle, improving performance of the whole. Think of Sales Tech Solutions as your special teams unit, with key players in business development, sales coaching, CRM, and marketing.
Proven Territory Management
Sales Tech Solutions uses a distinct territory management methodology that covers all aspects of the sales and marketing plan–from market research and list management to segmentation, metrics, targeting, and more. All of this is tied together through your CRM to give you a birds-eye view of the pipeline at all times and create a cache of actionable intelligence.
Professionally Persistent Outreach
Business Development is about uncovering opportunities, acting as a brand steward, building assets and developing relationships. That is what Sales Tech Solutions provides. We are out there, “virtual feet on the street” every day, making positive digital brand impressions, uncovering emerging trends, holding conversations in the marketplace, and building relationships.
Sales & Marketing Integration
Sales and marketing work best when they act as a unified team. In fact, studies have shown that highly aligned sales and marketing organizations achieve considerably faster revenue growth than their counterparts. At Sales Tech Solutions this alignment is part of the very fabric of our organization. Everything we do is geared towards, transparency, accountability and collaboration with the single goal of driving revenue for our clients.

Actual Client Results


ROI in 3 months


increase in leading indicators


increase in opportunities created

day decrease in average sale cycle

A clean, targeted list: an all-important ingredient of email marketing

When it comes to business-to-business email marketing for lead generation, marketers have a lot of touch points to consider. Is the content relevant? Is the subject line compelling?

Overcoming LeadGen Challenges

As we’ve talked before, the execution stage is where many lead generation and email marketing efforts fall short.

Is Lead Generation Your Achilles Heel?

There are a lot of challenges small to mid-sized businesses face when it comes to sales and marketing — from how to best connect with prospects to how execute a full scale territory management plan and sync their marketing and sales efforts in a well orchestrated effort to bring in new business.

Tips on having A Winning Sales Infrastructure

Too many business leaders spend too much time thinking product, not sales – and certainly not sales processes and support. Ask them what they are doing to grow their bottom line and they’ll tell you they hired a few reps and cut them loose in the field. After all, “the product just sells itself, right?”

Territory Management

Territory management is the development and implementation of a selling strategy that defines the plan and purpose for systemically covering your territory or accounts.

Tracking, Analyzing and Reporting Yield Results

Trying to do lead gen without tracking results is like spitting into the wind. Said differently, you can’t manage what you don’t measure. You need to consistently track outbound activities and responses generated from those activities in order to weed out unproductive activities and refine and revisit those that yield results.

5 Steps to Specialization in Business Development

Sales teams are always chasing the elusive “perfect pitch” – that magic formula that makes every prospect say “yes!”. Though there isn’t a way to get a guaranteed “yes,” there are certain elements essential to a specialization in business development pitching.

How to Know When a Lead is “Sales Ready”

Traditionally, sales executives spent a lot of time interacting with unqualified leads—individuals unlikely to ever become customers.

Great Recipe, Wrong Ingredients: Honing Your Strategy with Sales Outsourcing!!

The same is true for your business and your content. You may have a great sales recipe and dozens of pieces of great content, but do you have the right content for your plan?

How to Amplify Your Sales Success with Machine Learning!!

It’s time to move past the unfounded fear that Machine Learning will replace sales reps and agree that it enables reps to become better at their job



Build more meaningful and lasting relationships and connect with your customers across sales, customer service, marketing, communities, apps, analytics & much more.


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Ready to increase sales?

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