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CRM Management

Effective CRM implementation and management are “table stakes” in a 21st century selling environment. At Sales Tech Solutions, the CRM system is the hub of everything we do. We make it a priority to have a fully functional system with workflows customized to your sales processes up and running within six weeks of launch. We create a culture of knowledge sharing and insist that all information is captured and held in the CRM system. And, we never stop optimizing. CRM management is an ongoing process that requires care and feeding in order to continuously enable better conversations, provide for more targeted marketing, and ensure complete transparency of all activities.

Create a cache of actionable sales data with disciplined documentation in a well-managed CRM system. .

  • 100% sales adoption rate
  • Premier system within 6 weeks
  • Fully customized workflow
  • Cache of actionable intelligence
  • Database development
  • Focused territory management
  • Accurate sales forecasting
  • Key performance indicator (KPI) tracking and measurement

Let’s get started.

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